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Compelo helps to capture, communicate and engage audiences around sport through a powerful blend of sports performance data contextualised by the deep sector knowledge of our staff.

We are deeply vested in what we call ‘technology’ sports such as motorsport or cycling where outcomes are not just reliant on athletic performance but on the interface with technology.

We unpick the story and assemble it in an understandable and highly visual way for broadcasters, media owners, sports rights holders and brands & sponsors around the world.

And we help our clients make sense of the rapidly changing environment of media consumption to ensure content finds its way to your audiences.

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  • Abu Dhabi GP Renault Sport Race - Abu Dhabi’s unique late evening start time provided a stunning backdrop to the world championship decider and also threw up a variety of tyre strategies as the track cooled throughout the evening...
  • Abu Dhabi GP Williams Race - F Massa: "It was a close race, I didn’t think the victory was there, but it was so close at the end. It was good to be racing and pushing the Mercedes. I hope this is a strong building block to go on for next year...
  • Abu Dhabi GP Sauber Race - A Sutil: "It was a normal race. I had quite a good start. Afterwards Kevin (Magnussen) drove into my car, and I dropped back many positons. I still cannot say if my car was damaged or not...



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